Kyokushin Karate Classes for All Ages & Abilities

KKNY members range in age from youth to senior citizens, and everyone in between. Men & Women, Girls & Boys, amateur and pro athletes, weekend warriors, business people, entrepreneurs, students, people with physical limitations and intellectual disabilites everyone at KKNY treats each other with respect, and trains together in the same manner, each working to achieve our personal best.

All KKNY members are free to train at any and all of our NY/NJ locations, anytime. We schedule several events locally also, to further the students skill, and test themselves on a performance level, at examinations, workshops, demonstrations, community fundraisers & outreach events in the NY/NJ area. Additionally, we offer intensive "Team Training" sessions for prospective tournament competitors, (permission required), and Advanced Rank clinics (rank permitting) for students heading towards Black Belt level and beyond. Apprenticeships are available for dedicated students aiming for Instructor certification